Rockin’ the Legal World

Yo, yo, listen up, I’m here to tell ya
‘Bout the legal world, ain’t no Cinderella
From legal form online to gambling in the Philippines
I got the scoop, no need to read between the lines

Need some legal aid in Cumberland County, PA?
No problem, I got the hookup, no need to dismay
And if you’re in Lahore, looking for that civil court cause list
I got the info, put your legal worries to rest

Got a problem with Kirchhoff’s law? Let me be your guide
Check out this link: how to do Kirchhoff’s law problems, I won’t let you slide
And if you’re wondering about the law motion meaning
I’ve got the lowdown, zooming past at full steam

For those who seek a legal personality meaning
I’ve got the answers, no need for keening
And when it comes to 1031 exchange documentation requirements by Fannie Mae
You know I’ve got your back, no need to dismay

From the DNV GL rule book in PDF to the Godfather law
I’ve got the info, ain’t no flaw
So kick back, relax, let me be your legal DJ
I’ll spin the beats, from A to Z

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